Agilent Medalist SP50

Agilent Medalist SP50

Agilent Medalist SP50 Series 3 – SPI Description:

Automated 3D paste inspection for print process characterization, control and early defect prevention

Best-in-class shadow free 3D paste measurement from the world’s leader in test and measurement. The Medalist SP50 Series 3 Dual Laser system is the latest generation in high performance 3D solder paste inspection. Opposing high incident angle lasers eliminate hidden paste, or “shadow effect”, regardless of paste deposit shape.

The SP50 Series 3 Features:

  • Performs 100% 3D inspections giving whole deposit volume and location
  • Identifies solder paste defects at the most cost effective process step
  • Provides best-in-class performance using shadow free, dual laser technology
  • Measurement data combined with statistical tools provides users with real-time process control
  • Short programming time
  • Lowest cost of ownership


  • Offline programming (OLP) software
  • Offline repair and SPC software – Medalist Repair Tool and Medalist Quality Tool
  • Bar code readers – MicroScan 820 (1D)
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Dual lane conveyor – (standard Series 3 machines only)
  • Large board system indexing for up to 24 x 36” PWBs
  • SJ50 Series 3 conversion kit – swappable lighting head for AOI inspection
  • Small board staging – decreases handling time on smaller boards

Functionality and capability:

2D and 3D solder paste Volume, area, height, XY offset, bridge measurement detection
Speed of operation

Inspection speeds may vary with software setting changes; contact your Agilent sales representative for details.

Fiducial inspection – Typically less than 5 seconds

Load/unload – Typically less than 5 seconds

3D scanning speed – Up to 38.7 cm2/sec (6 in2/sec)

Gauge repeatable and reproducibility capability

  • Height accuracy
  • Average height accuracy
< 10% GR & R at typical process widths

Typically 1% on target plate at 5.15 Sigma, ±50 μm spec

Typically 5% on actual board at 5.15 Sigma, ±50 μm spec

Paste types supported All paste types, including lead-free
Board and pad finishes supported Typical pad fi nishes: HASL, Nickel Gold, organic, etc.

Typical board fi nishes: all solder masks and colors

Board dimensions:

SP50 Series 3
Maximum board size 510 mm by 510 mm (20″ by 20″)
Minimum board size 50 mm by 50 mm (2″ by 2″)
Maximum board thickness 4 mm (0.16″)
Minimum board thickness 0.5 mm (0.02″)
Maximum inspectable area 495 mm by 495 mm (19.5″ by 19.5″)
Board weight Up to 3 kg (6.6 lb)

  • Top side of board
  • Bottom side of board
  • Minimum edge clearance
  • In-line board transport height from floor
6 mm (0.24″)

50 mm (1.97″)

3.5 mm (0.14″)

821 mm to 965 mm (32″ to 38″)

System dimensions:

SP50 Series 3
Width 1004 mm (3.3 ft)
Depth 1423 mm (4.7 ft)2
Height 2210 mm (7.3 ft)3
Weight ~1150 kg (2535 Ib)