Defense / Military

Defense / Military

MNT Electronics is enriched with low volume and mass production prototypes for development and quality processes that address the needs of defense applications responding to time critical and embedded real-time mission critical applications. We are confined to stringent quality norms for delivering turn-key prototyping for new solutions, replacing or modernizing the existing electronic systems to navy, military and air force. We render electronic solutions and custom prototypes for a comprehensive array of defense services like;

  • Military robotic systems
  • Defense communication and navigation
  • Ruggedized computers
  • Military Satellite Subsystems Involving Embedded Processors
  • Power distribution
  • Base / Camp Protection and Security
  • Circuit board schematic and layout design
  • Artillery and Mortars
  • Unmanned vehicles
  • Turn-key product assembly

There is ever-more pressure on making Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies robust enough to comply with growing functionality. That calls for implementing specific design and layout techniques, as well as 100 % design-for-test (DFT) coverage. Thermal management also needs special attention, while high-frequency RF requires special PCB design and layout techniques.

Our several PCB design and layout considerations to make defense PCB?s more robust includes using correct mil-spec components, designing an extra cushion of current, maintaining the right aspect ratios, separating power and ground planes, keeping signals clean and properly shielded, verifying impedance calculations and performing pre-layout simulations, using proper termination techniques, adding an extra cushion for mechanical holes and dimensions, maintaining stack up considerations during PCB layout, keeping immaculate assembly notes, specifying an exact drill chart and defining the proper board material.

Our holy grail is on understanding the customer?s requirements, serving them with an exact product or prototype and to provide personalized & effective services at lowest possible cost without compromise to quality.