Telecommunications / Wireless

Telecommunications / Wireless

Wireless PCB Assembly

MNT Electronics excels in serving the customers with latest PCB prototypes with time critical designs and with minimum trace and space to guarantee manufacturability and scalability to its clients. Our well balanced portfolio of technology, electronic solutions and PCB design services have made the customers implement the telecom solutions quickly and with great advancement.

We offer varied electronic and prototyping services like;

  • Telecom infrastructure
  • IT Application development
  • Wireless networking
  • Mobile devices
  • Maintenance and Customization
  • Network Management System
  • IT Support

The MNT Electronics team is agile, flexible and available to implement your engineering change orders. We can augment your team with experienced Printed Circuit Board designers, assembler and developers to provide PCB prototype to manufacturing services as per custom requirements. In fact, MNT Electronics employs only senior PCB designers – all of our designers have at least 20 years of experience on at least two different CAD platforms.

The MNT Electronics team has project experience with:

  • Cell Phones PCB Manufacturing & Assembly / Prototype to Production
  • Broadband Cards PCB/PCBA Prototype
  • USB Controller Prototype
  • Modems PCB Prototype
  • GPS Devices PCB Assembly
  • EPABX PCB Prototype
  • Telephone Exchange PCB Assembly
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless router PCB Prototype
  • Ethernet / Giga byte Switches PCB Assembly
  • Wired Internet / Fiber Router PCB Prototype
  • Ethernet Cards PCB Design
  • Satellite Modem PCB Assembly
  • VOIP Adapter PCB Prototype
  • VOIP Modem PCB Assembly
  • Customized Telecommunication PCB Prototype

MNT Electronics is destined for taking next generation path breaking move in the telecommunication industry with integrated user experience with a unique set of challenges in up gradation and modifications in networks and applications worldwide. Our prolonged goal is to serve our customers with electronic telecom solutions for development in telecommunication industry and to create advanced IT applications for our customers globally.