Medical PCB Prototype

Medical PCB Prototype

The Medical Electronic Device manufacturing industry is facing intense competition across all levels of the market. The industry is responding with a high degree of innovation in product design / manufacturing and is taking healthcare to the next level through advancements in technology.

MNT Electronics excels in providing solutions to implantable medical mechanism. We offer medical electronic solutions to pacemakers, defibrillators, neuron stimulation, modulation devices, hearing aids and many other custom medical devices.

MNT Electronics team has project experience with:

  • PCB Prototype for Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Ultra- HDI circuit boards and cables
  • Flex and Rigid Flex interconnect
  • Electronic Device Manufacturing for Imaging Systems and Imaging Electronic Devices
  • Liquid crystalline polymer ( LCP)
  • PCBs Design, PCB Assembly for Medical Motion Control Systems
  • PCB Prototype for High tech Temperature Measurement
  • PCBs Prototype Manufacturing for Optical Instruments
  • Small Dental Equipment PCB Prototype
  • 3D High Resolution Scanner PCB Development
  • 2D / 3D Sensor’s Printed Circuit Boards
  • PCB and Circuit Assembly for Dental Instrument and Dental Medical Products
  • Printed Circuit Boards for Digital X-rays

MNT Electronics team has extensive PCB design / assembly / prototype manufacturing capabilities and uses the latest software platforms. Hands on in providing personalized services for your PCB projects are a tradition at MNT Electronics. We are available to come on site to work directly with your engineering team and assuring improved communication between the designer and engineer.